Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Python html cleaner

A friend asked for help cleaning html files today --- getting rid of scripts, styles, tags, and whatnot.

Here's a quick 14-line python script to do the job. It takes all the html files in the ./docs directory and writes them out as clean text to the ./output directory.

Note the lxml dependency!

from lxml.html import clean
import glob, re

cleaner = clean.Cleaner( style=True, scripts=True, comments=True, safe_attrs_only=True )

filenames = glob.glob('docs/*')
for f in filenames:
    print '='*80
    text = file(f,'r').read()
    text = cleaner.clean_html( text )    #Remove scripts, styles, etc.
    text = re.sub('<.*?>', '', text )    #Remove html tags
    text = re.sub('\s+', ' ', text )    #Remove whitespace
    print text
    file( 'output/'+f.split('/')[-1].split('.')[0]+'.txt', 'w').write( text )

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