Thursday, May 17, 2012

Nifty tools for playing with words

Here are a bunch of sites I use to play with words -- whether brainstorming or trying to accomplish something specific with text analysis.

A rhyming dictionary. Helpfully splits up the word list by syllables, so you can finish that sonnet you've been working on.

Here's a nifty little site for generating portmanteaus (word splices): generates themed domain names, and checks to make sure they're unclaimed by URL squatters.

Online lorem generator.  Here's the same thing in python.

Markov text generation:

Permute words and letters.  This seems less useful to me... It gives all the combinations, not just the ones that make some kind of sense.

Lavarand used to do random haikus and corporate memos, but it looks like they've broken down.

Google ngrams on AWS public data sets.  These are combinations of words that commonly co-occur in English.

Yes, yes.  And then there's wordle.  Too pretty for the rest of us.

What else belong on this list?

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