Monday, January 16, 2012

A presentation on practical approaches to picking programming packages

Last week, I helped kickstart the semester for the Complex Systems grad student group with a presentation on "principles and practices for picking powerful programming platforms, packages, and plugins."

It was a fun talk to give, because 1) it's something I've done many times, 2) it's something that a lot of the other students (and faculty) are affected by, and 3) most people haven't thought about it in great detail. Low-hanging fruit.

I probably came across as a bit of a pythonista. This was partly deliberate: most of the students in Complex Systems learn Java, because that's what's taught in the intro classes, and never get much exposure to other options. I wanted people to know they don't have to spend the rest of their lives typing extraneous semicolons. Or worse -- developing in turtles.

Plus, I am actually, in reality, a bit of a pythonista, so it came naturally.

Here are the slides. They sparked a good discussion. What would you add?

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